T-Series journy after Gulshan Kumar

After the murder of Gulshan Kumar, everyone thought that the T-series would end, because Kishan Kumar, brother of Gulshan Kumar, was inexperienced in the matter and his son Bhushan Kumar was just 19 years old at that time. In this way, to expect that college student to be the helm of the T-series later was meaningless, because these were fun days for Bhushan, he did not even know ABCD of his father’s business.

However, when Bhushan Kumar realizes that his father has raised the company to the point where he will have to do something to take it to the pinnacle and realize his unfulfilled dreams.

Just, he decided not to give up in any case. Since then Bhushan has seen a lot of change, suddenly he starts showing signs of seriousness and responsibility.

He joined his father’s company after leaving studies in the middle and called the father’s manager and requested- “You have deep experience of working with Papa, you should not go anywhere except the company, guide me, everyone associated with the company We are like a family, together we will fulfill Papa’s unfulfilled dreams. “Since then, Bhushan Kumar made a living for the company. Even though many did not believe him, he called the company even further.

There were many of them who had worked with Gulshan Kumar a lot, and some of whom Gulshan Kumar had given the first opportunity.

Today, the T-series influence in music industries has reached 85 percent, and their business has spread to more than 25 countries. Their channel is still the most watched on YouTube, with no music award function in which T-series participation is not seen.

Bhushan Kumar’s contribution is behind all these achievements. But Bhushan still credits his father for this, and feels his presence. They believe that they do nothing for the company, everything their father does, they are just a means.

That is why even today, in any film or music of T-series, “Gulshan Kumar presents” comes by writing.

Bhushan Kumar says that this tradition will continue for centuries, no matter who runs the company, but the name will always come from Gulshan Kumar.